Wednesday, September 18, 2013

American Licorice and 100 by 100 Team Up!

NEWS FLASH! Former employer American Licorice Company and Red Vines have agreed and made a matching donation to the Alzheimer's Associationto help in the awareness of Alzheimers in the world! They have made a donation of $100.00 to match my last 100 by 100 Ultra donation in August! They will now make a yearly $100.00 donation to the cause! They have also agreed to help 100 by 100 by donating some Red Vine Jars to the aid stations of some of the Ultras I run in the future! Isn't this great news? I'm now having the logo of Red Vines and a slogan that reads, "Powered by Red Vines" on the back of my racing singlets! Pretty easy advertising for them too!

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