Sunday, March 4, 2018

#39 Ultra Marathon now completed for 100 by 100!

Yes! It's true, the Red Mountain 55K run is in the books!  And now, I'm tired.......

A good day was had by all for the most part.  Rain and wind was scheduled in the forecast, but instead, we had lower 50"s and a "not too bad of a wind".  I'll take it!

Lori and Shady came out to greet me a couple times in the race as well, which really helps when you're hurting and just want to race to be over with!  I really appreciate that too!

This race begins and ends in St. George - near my house, which makes this race very convenient - no extra expenses.  Essentially the race goes up and over and around 4 mesas southwest of St. George.  Beautiful views of canyons, and our red rock country is so pleasing to the eye - so it makes running this country easier.  Having 1 central aid station made these loop runs way easier than some races I've run too.  The hardest loop was the 10.2 mile one going up and around the highest mesa.  But, this loop is probably the most scenic out of all of them.  Loved it!  Too bad I was so tired doing it.

Anyway I got a time of 8:15 for the 55K (34 miles) so I'm happy with that.  A 4 minute improvement over last year.  This is my 3rd time running this race, and it's not getting any easier!

Thank you all for reading and thank you all for support for 100 by 100!

Here are some photos!  Take care all!

$100.00 donated to Alzheimers Research,  3/4/18