Monday, April 17, 2017

Bryce Traverse Ultramarathon Done - #36-

Yes!  #36 Ultra is now in the books!  In beautiful Bryce National Park, my buddies Joey, BJ, and Rich  completed the Rim Trail (and then some) on Tax Day, April 15th, 2017.  Wow and what a day it was!  Sunny the whole day with a cool breeze.  We couldn't have done it AGAIN without my lovely Lori Lyle who gave us our food and drink at specific spots!  Thank you so much again my Lor!

Each of us did slightly different mileage because of certain factors including in two weeks Joey and I have a 50 mile Ultramarathon to complete in San Diego - so we don't want to do too much before that.  It turns out that I ran 27 miles in 7 hours.  I hopped into the Rim Trail at Whiteman Trailhead and met the others there then ran north with everyone.  Rich ran the most miles of 46, then BJ did around 44, then Joey ran 31 miles.  All in all we had a fantastic time.

We are already conjuring up other traverses to do around the country so it will be exciting running with this crew.  Just a great bunch of guys running together, and enjoying what God has created all day!  What could be better!

Here are some pics.

Thanks again for the support for 100 by 100 everyone!

$100.00 donated to the Shiley - Marcos Disease Research Center on 4/17/17

Monday, April 3, 2017

#35 (Training) Ultra Marathon Completed!

Since I'm training for a hard 50 miler coming up, I needed to run one last good long run.  And, why not make it an ultra since I'll be out there for 7 hours!  Well, that's what I did yesterday and came up with a 28 mile long ultra run.  It counts as an Ultra!  Yes!

I ran up Leeds canyon in Leeds, Utah on a beautiful 73 degree day.  The route I took was just a gravel road going up to the highest point and back.  Since it was only 2 miles up to the pass, I would run down to where I started - 7 times!  It wasn't as bad as it sounds - it's a beautiful canyon so I had great views the entire time.  I got a good amount of elevation training in which turned out to be like 5400 ft. of gain.  So, I'm happy overall.

Lori and Shady came to greet me when I was nearing 20 miles so that really helped my spirits.  Thank you so much Lor!  I'm good and tired now and now (hopefully) prepared for my 50 miler and next is Bryce Canyon Traverse!  Yes!

$100.00 Donated to Shiley Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center 4/3/17

Here are some pics!