Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bulldog 50K Trail Ultra Accomplished!

Hi again everyone!  Well I finished another 50K (31 miles) Ultra in beautiful Malibu, California!  #6 Ultra for 100 by 100 done!  Wow, was this a neat course and really beautiful.  It was held in the Malibu Creek State Park on Saturday, August 25.  My wife Lori and daughter Abby were there to cheer me on too!  I guess they had a great impact because I ran a PR of 5:56:55 !  Yeah!  There was some serious elevation gain of over 7000 ft too.  I met some great people and talked to a lot of runners during the race.  It was fun, for sure!  Eating Red Vines during the later portions of the race even helped me finish in great form!  Here are some pictures!  Yes, another $100.00 donated to the cause!  Thank you all for your support!

Donated:  $100.00  -  8/28/12