Wednesday, October 17, 2018

#42 Ultra Done, Oh Yeah!

The 1st Annual Red Cliffs Desert Reserve 50K Traverse is now completed!  I've been wanting to do this traverse for a long time, so I finally said, "what the heck, now is a good time" while I'm still in good shape.  3 1/2 weeks after my last race, I was "good to go" again.  Since I volunteer being a trail steward on the RCDR I know most of the trails, so I had a great route all planned out for years.  It's about time I did this run.  I ran it by myself and Lori and Shady crewed me in several spots along the way.  It was so great seeing them too at the critical points because I needed my fluids and food to keep me going! 

The route basically started in Leeds, Utah, right outside the RCDR, traversing southwest along the red rock mountains surrounding St. George, Utah and ending at a trail head called Yellow Knolls in the RCDR.  A cool stiff breeze was at my back for virtually the entire day making my run a lot easier and enjoyable!  It is really a beautiful and very scenic part of St. George just minutes from my home.  I'm lucky to be here and to be able to do this sort of thing.  I appreciate all the support everyone gives me too, so thank you!

Here are a few pictures along the way of this area for you to view!

Thanks again for your support!

$100.00 Donated to the Shirley Disease Research Center on 10/17/18