Monday, September 24, 2018

Flagstaff to Grand Canyon 55K ++ Finished!

#41 Ultramarathon now finished on 9/22/18 in 8:20.

It was just a perfect day out near Flagstaff all day long.  What a beautiful course as well.  Just splendid.  The volunteers were all great and nice as well.  Lori and Shady were there to cheer me on too.  Some of the aid stations were 10 miles apart so the runners had to have enough water to last amount of time.  The course ran up, around and skirted Mt. Humpreys and continued north on the Arizona Trail for 34 miles.  The aspens trees and ferns were starting to change so it made the trail all that more special.  The run basically followed the Arizona Trail 75% of the time.  I highly recommend this trail to anyone wishing to see the beautiful southwest!

A highlight to this run was meeting and talking with Ian Torrence, Rob Krar, and Jim Walmsley - who are all outstanding and professional ultra marathoners.  That was really great to talk to them.  Rob Krar even had his own aid station around 26 miles and served popsicles!  What a great guy!

About 6 miles into the run a bunch of runners (including me) went the wrong way for around 1/2 mile and had to turn back and find out where we went wrong.  So, the 55K turned into a 57K for me as I did extra bonus miles.  Oh well!  The whole day was just great!  Loved it!

Hear are some pictures.  Thanks so much for all of your support too!

$100.00 Donated to Alzheimer's Research 9/24/18