Friday, July 29, 2016

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beautiful day for the 26th Ultra!

The Antelope Butte Mountain Festival 50K Ultramarathon is now written in the books!

It was such an outstanding day yesterday 7/23/16 in the mountains above Sheridan, Wyoming!  Blue skies all day, lots of sunshine, a cool breeze and temps in the low 60"s - what could be better for a runner?  The course was a definite challenging course (aren't they all?)  with two, very big mountainous climbs that we went up and down 2 times.  Oh yeah, I got my elevation training in too with the course staying up at the 9000 ft. range almost all day.  I felt it for sure all day.

I thought my time of (around) 7:48 was good for this course and I was very happy to finish without any substantial problems (sounds boring doesn't it).  Oh well, I was proud the way I ran and have learned to climb better and more efficient, without straining a lot of muscles.  I have struggled with this in the past and I'm doing better.  The left knee pain (which I have always had to deal with since my orthoscopic surgery back in the late 90"s) started up at around the 18 mile mark and didn't let up.  But, I just slow down and take it in stride, and manage the pain efficiently - or it least try to!

This was a very small race with around only 20 people in the whole 50K run.  I ran with a couple guys from Mississippi who have done the Leadville 100 in their past.  They were very friendly and we talked for a good 5 miles or so until they took off on me.  I was basically alone for the entire route - which was ok, so I took in the great weather and great views on the tops of mountain passes.

This is kind of embarrassing, but I when I was rounding a corner about a 1/2 mile away from the finish, I mistakenly thought the cheers I heard were all for the people in the race who were finishing.  I thought how nice that was that people were doing that!  I was getting a little chocked up and picked up the pace to finish my race nice and strong.  BUT, I was greatly mistaken and as I got near the finish, I noticed all the cheers were coming from the music stage where the festival was actual going on.  I was embarrassed.  As I got to the finish, there were a couple people standing around - that was it, no cheering, no nothing - all except for a high five from Cheryl (Wyo Timing).

Unfortunately for my wife Lori who was waiting patiently for hours on end didn't get to cheer me in.   No one could help her find where the runners would be coming from - so she took a different side road that was not the finishing road and missed me entirely.  I finally caught up with her about an hour after finishing.  She was really mad and I really felt bad for her.  SO, we had plenty of beer libations and listened to some great music at the festival and continued to have a great day in the mountains!

Here are some pics!  Enjoy and thank you again for all of your support of this quest!

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