Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Just Added! 6 old ultra (training runs) not ever counted! Why not!

Since this is my blog and since this is REALLY about spreading the word on the devastating disease of Alzheimer's, I've decided now to add my old training run ultra marathon runs to my total to
100 by 100.  Most of these runs were in preparation for 50 mile or 100 mile actual "races.

So, ever since 2011 when I first started running ultra marathons, I have run 6 ultra marathons on my own in preparation for races.

An "ultra marathon" is defined as: any footrace that is longer than the traditional marathon length of 26.2 miles)  I view that these 6 runs I did on my own would qualify to be included in the
100 by 100 count since they are all over 26.2 miles.  All runs will be included from now on - whether they are actual "races" I sign up for, or just long runs over the traditional marathon length.

These runs are:

4/20/12  -  26.46  Miles  -  5:09 hrs  -   (Prep for Ice Age 50 Miler)
4/20/13  -  27.58  Miles  -  5:33 hrs  -   (Prep for 100K High Sierra)
4/27/13  -  29.61  Miles  -  6:03 hrs  -   (Prep for 100K High Sierra)
9/14/13  -  27.18  Miles  -  5:03 hrs  -   (Prep for Dick Collins Firetrails 50)
9/21/13  -  26.83  Miles  -  5:04 hrs  -  (Prep for Dick Collins Firetrails 50)
7/27/14  -  30.13  Miles  -  7:25 hrs  -  (Prep for Lean Horse 100 Mile)

I now have been updated to a total of 34 Ultra Marathons run since 2011.

Thank you all for your continued support in 100 by 100!

$600.00 Donated to the Shiley Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center  3/28/17

Sunday, March 5, 2017

100 by 100 Red Mountain 55K Trail Race!

I am proud to announce the completion of 100 by 100's,  28th Ultra Marathon.  Held in the desert mountain trails of St. George, Utah, the 34 mile run is now written in the books!  Designed in a "clover leaf"pattern, the course is set up real easy for the trail runner to check back into the only aid station and his or her drop bag every 6 miles or so.  It is very convenient for the runner.  Beautiful desert mountain views were constant all day and we had a day in the 70's with a nice breeze.  Perfect conditions!

My particular run had some trials and tribulations that were mainly centered around constant on and off cramping in my calves and inner thighs almost all day!  It got a little old after while, but the body gets used to it and you do what you half to do to ease it during the run.  I survived and did a reasonable good job of trying to think of positive things and staying happy.  My time was 20 minutes slower than last year due to the cramping, I believe.  (8:14)  I also did my share of tripping and falling!  Geeez!  I got bloody knees and hands - the sign of a true ultra runner!

Lori and Shady met me on the course and ran with me for awhile about 27 miles into the race which really helped my attitude and made me happy.  Lori also met me about 32 miles into it also and we ran it home to the finish line.  The course had only about 4500 feet of elevation gain, but it sure felt like a lot more because of the constant up and down.

We had a great time and dinner with folks and friends from the St. George Running Center at Ricardo's.  Great conversation too!  I met Cory Reese (writer for Ultra Running Magazine) again and Hayden Hawks who officially set the course record.   Hayden is a rising star in the ultra world now setting records all over the place!  I'm very excited to see him do well in the future.

Well here are some pictures of the great day.  Thank you all for your support of 100 by 100 and Alzheimer's!

$100.00  Donated 3/5/17

 an end to a perfect day!
 Ricardo's dinner!