Tuesday, May 2, 2017

100 by 100 adds #37 Ultra Marathon!

Hi everyone!  I am proud to announce that a new ultra marathon has now been completed for
100 by 100 and Alzheimer's!  Another $100.00 donated to the research of Alzheimer's!  The race was held on April 29, 2017 and called Lost Boys 50 - a 50 miler in San Diego, Ca.  Momma Joan Lyle was guiding me the whole way so all I had to do was put one foot in front of another and never stop!  A fantastic day in the way of the weather and wind had us all speechless all day!  We were lucky, for sure.  The flowers were all out and cactus's were blooming everywhere.  Outstanding!

I had a friend and buddy, Joey Schrichte run the race as well and he took 4th overall! He is training for the San Diego 100 in June and is a great ultra runner, and great guy.  I also had some very critical help that influenced a great outcome for my performance at this race.  BJ Haeck, a San Diego resident,  gave me some awesome workout routines to do in preparation for this particular race.  BJ also ran with me for a bit near the end and gave me a lot of encouragement as well.  I am so glad I took his advise because it really paid off in the end.  I was way stronger the entire race and felt better than a lot of my previous 50 milers.  So a huge shout out and an "extra special thanks" to BJ, my friend, and ultra running compadre!  Thanks again BJ!  You the man!

The race basically starts on the desert floor - east of San Diego, and the course runs southwest over 3 big mountain passes and ending at Cuyamaca Lake.  We had non stop sun, cool breezes at our back the whole way, and fantastic views.  I covered the course in 13:36.  There was 9000 ft. of elevation gain, so I'm so glad I practiced a lot of my power hiking to make it up those passes at a decent speed.

It also helped to see some other friends helping out at aid stations too.  I even got to meet the legendary, Scotty Mills who is an icon in the sport of ultra running.  That was a highlight as well!

Well, I could go on and on.  But here are some photos of the race course, BJ, Joey, and myself running.  I felt proud to finish this hard race as well as I did.

Thanks again for reading and for the support everyone!

Another $100.00 donated to Alzheimer's Research on May 2, 2017

Joey and I at the finishJoey 

Middle part of the course

a little blood never hurt anybody

BJ showing off his power legs

BJ and I