Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Grandmaster 54K Accomplished!

This last Saturday, February 8th, my 48th Ultramarathon was completed.  What was supposed to be 50K, turned out to be 33 miles - 2 more than I thought it would be.  Oh well, the ultra running community thinks that these are just "bonus miles".  Good for the soul!  Oh yeah!

The race was the Grandmaster Ultra race held in Littlefield, Arizona - only 20 minutes from my home in St. George!  I finished 4th overall - out of a field of 9 in the 50K.  All of the runners had to be 50 years old or older to run either the 50k, 50 mile, 100 mile, 24 hr. or 48 hr races.  There were a lot of runners in the 100 mile and 24 hr races.  I finished in 8:01 and placed 3rd man.  (kind of funny really, because there were only 4 men in my race!) 

However, I did win a very cool, hand made, sandstone arch trophy for my efforts!  I have it pictured here.  I love it!  So cool!  I'll take it man - I never win anything anymore!  I did this race last year so I knew what I was in for.

It was a long race for me, lots of long straight stretches of 4 wheel drive rocky and sandy trails in the middle of nowheresville.  Good thing I had my music and ear pods though to get me through!
Lori, Della, and dog Sunny met me on the trail about 1/2 mile from the finish and ran in with me!  What a delight!  Thank you very much you three!

Well, here are some pictures near the finish and my "major award" ha ha.

Thanks everyone for the support!

Take care everyone!


$100.00 Donated to the Shirley Marcos Alzheimer's Research Center on 2/11/20