Monday, April 6, 2020

#OperationInspiration Virtual 50K Race (#49 Ultra) done!

Wow, what a day full of good times, good runs, all for a good cause! thought this whole virtual race up in which all people who took part donated and supported funding the WHO in the midst of this Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.  They generated over $52,000.00 and all the funding is going directly to helping people in need all over the world.  I feel honored to have taken part in this.  Lori, and daughters Della and Abby also did their own workouts to contribute as well.  Lori ran 11 miles, Della did a total of 16 miles and Abby did a 1 hour cardio dance.  Everyone who took part in this did at least a 1 hour workout and then share it on many different social media platforms.  I ended up doing a 50K around our neighborhood using all the social distancing guidelines, etc. Della and Lori each ran a few miles with me too, so I wasn't bored at all!  I listened to an audiobook a lot on the run around the neighborhood so that helped as well!

We had great weather the whole day too.  Some neighbors even cheered us on!  I even had my own aid station set up in front of my house so I could easily get what I needed from time to time.  Very convenient! 

Well,  thanks again for your support.  Here are a few pictures of my run.

$100.00 on 4/5/20 donated to the Shirley-Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center