Saturday, May 25, 2019

#45 Ultra Marathon now completed!

The Jem/Hurricane Rim Trail is a beautiful trail system in Hurricane, Utah!  I decided to do another adventure run by myself in Hurricane, Utah - only 30 minutes away from my home.  The whole trail system there runs almost entirely near the Virgin River with astounding views in all directions.
I picked a great day to do it too!  I decided to do another 50K since I was feeling pretty good since the last go around.  I'm glad I did.  I even met some bikers who I talked with for awhile on the trail.  Real nice people originally from Alaska, now living in Oregon.  We had a lot to talk about!  Great conversation!

I did the 50K just under 8 hours and felt reasonably well afterward. Go figure!  The route I chose was basically doing the whole Jem Trail and then the Hurricane Rim Trail.  Turns out, the Hurricane Rim trail was a third longer than expected, so I turned around early - but I was satisfied with what I ended up doing on it.  I parked my car in the middle of the run so I could go back to it and refill what I needed for the next segments.  Great aid station!

Lori met me at around the 25 mile mark and we both finished running to the car on the Jem Trail.  What a great way to end the day! 

Here are some pics!  Thank you for your support!

$100.00 Donated to Alzheimer's Research on 5/25/19

Monday, May 6, 2019

3/4 Zion Solo Traverse - #44

I will let the photos speak for a lot of my words on this solo Ultramarathon!  Wow, is all I can say!
#44 Ultra Marathon was completed yesterday in Zion National Park with a total distance of 31 miles (50K) in 8:15.  I took so many pictures of this run (for good reason as you can see) it must've cost me nearly 1/2 hour - but it didn't matter as I took it all in.  Time doesn't matter - I had no "cut offs) to meet like in races.  This was a spectacular run on a spectacular day!

I started at the Hop Valley trailhead first with a 5 mile out and back run with Lori - then basically headed to Zion Canyon via the Connector trail, then Wildcat Canyon trail, then the spectacular
West Rim trail high above Zion - which eventually leads into Zion Canyon.  I ended right at the road near The Grotto right at 31 miles right after 5:00 pm.  Lori met me right there waiting for me.  It was so good to see her there - so nice!  She had everything I needed too - change of clothes, shoes, everything - so nice!  Love you Lori!  How nice and thoughtful too.  We immediately took the shuttle down the canyon to our car, changed, then drove to the Brew Pub in Springdale  to catch a few beers and dinner before we headed for home.  We drove the entire 40 minute drive with the windows wide open in the wonderful 80 degree breezes!  What a wonderful day indeed!

Here are a few shots of this fantastic National Park - high above Zion Canyon few people actually get to see.  I would highly recommend getting up to the West Rim trail.  It is strenuous, but worth it!

Thank you for your support.

$100.00 donated to Alzheimer's Research  5/6/19